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Threat Response Unit (TRU)

Threat Response That Outpaces the Evolving Threat Landscape

Attackers are advancing their capabilities at unprecedented rates. Rest easy knowing our Threat Response Unit is continuously developing the latest methods that keep your environment safe from tomorrow’s threats, today.

Solving for new and emerging threats

What does it mean to use Threat intelligence? Staying ahead of sophisticated threats requiring the capacity to collect unstructured data from disparate sources, associate to attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and operationalize into customer wide protections - all in a timely manner. Our Threat Response Unit is strategically organized into cross-functional groups solving the challenges of rapid digital transformation and protecting customers against advanced and emerging threats.

Threat Response Unit

Real-Time Threat Intelligence

Elite Security Researchers

Sophisticated Threat Hunting Tools

Rapid Threat Detection

Machine Learning Applications

Threat Intelligence

Correlates, enriches and applies intelligence that enables proactive discovery of existing and emerging threats

Tactical Threat Response

Develops proprietary detectors and runbooks that identify threats and streamline investigations based on real-world attacks

Advanced Threat Analytics

Solves challenges in identifying potential threats posed by disparate data sets leveraging data science and machine learning

TRU Cyber Tales: A monthly webinar series by the eSentire Threat Response Unit

Cloud Enumeration Attacks

Traditional approaches to confront cybersecurity threats are not effective in the cloud environment due the vast size and distributed nature of cloud computing systems. In this episode of TRU Cyber Tales, eSentire's Threat Response Unit (TRU) dive into how learning algorithms offer effective solutions to detect threats in cloud environments.

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Stopping Phishing Attacks Dead in their Tracks

With distributed workforces becoming the new norm, the frequency and prominence of phishing attacks have increased. In this month's episode of TRU Cyber Tales, learn what eSentire’s Threat Response Unit (TRU) team is doing to stop these attacks dead in their tracks and how organizations can better protect themselves from phishing attacks in the future.

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Others claim it. We prove it.

Many claim to develop detectors against the latest threats, at eSentire we proves it. Learn more about the latest vulnerabilities and evasive threats our Threat Response Unit protects our customers against.

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"The combination of tools, technology and eSentire's Security Operations Center (SOC) means that we have eyes and ears on our network at all times. We consider eSentire as an extension of our team."

Eric Feldman

Chief Information Officer


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"Cloud is essential to meet the demands needed to grow our business. We will build upon our existing relationship with eSentire and the robust cybersecurity capabilities they provide to continue to mitigate threats across our growing cloud footprint."

Michael Guenzler

Chief Information Security Officer


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"We have immediate visibility into attempts to penetrate our network and feel better knowing that eSentire’s MDR is manned 24x7x365 with experienced cybersecurity experts."

Mark Fairhead

Associate Director (IT Department)

Rawlinson & Hunter

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