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The Current Threat Environment

About the Episode

Ransomware attacks used to be random and opportunistic, targeting individuals rather than businesses. Now, we’re seeing the modern threat landscape evolve significantly wherein specialized threat actors, such as initial access brokers, first get a foothold into an environment and then sell that access to other ransomware groups such as REvil or DarkSide.

As a result, many organizations, especially those within the critical infrastructure industry, are being challenged with increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks that are not only costing millions, but crippling their operations entirely.

In this episode of Managing Cyber Risk, Rob McLeod joins Mark Sangster and Hillarie McClure to discuss what the TRU team is observing in today’s threat landscape and how cyber warfare has changed how nation states and governments are carrying out attacks in this new digital era.

Listen to the full episode for their insights as they expose new trends in cyber attack threats & tactics and tell you the cyber attack stories that didn’t make the headlines.


Mark Sangster, Cybersecurity Author and Expert
Rob McLeod, Threat Intelligence Expert


Hillarie McClure, VP of Multimedia Productions,

Cybersecurity Ventures

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