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The Current State of Incident Response Services in 2021

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How important are Incident Response Services in 2021?

It takes under 15 hours for 91% of attackers to breach perimeter controls or 54% of attackers to complete a breach. 

Yet, the majority of security professionals expect a 12-24 hour SLA from their cyber Incident Response partner. However, during this time cybercriminals have already gained access into the target’s environment and are actively wreaking havoc.

Considering the financial and legal repercussions a successful data breach can have, it’s critical that your organization can detect, contain, and remediate a cybersecurity incident as fast as possible. Once an incident strikes, you don’t have time on your side so you must demand faster response time from your cyber Incident Response partner.

eSentire’s On-Demand 24/7 cyber Incident Response solution features an industry-leading 4-hour threat suppression SLA. So, although close to 51% of the respondents expect a 24-hour SLA, it is entirely within the realm of possibility that cyber incident response providers can deliver a faster response than what is expected.

eSentire’s Cyber Incident Response Services report makes it clear that recent innovations, such as technology improvements in evidence acquisition and analysis, are accelerating and revolutionizing cyber incident response services capabilities, enabling faster execution, faster time to value and a significant decrease in business risk.

Additional key takeaways from the cyber Incident Response report include:

  • More than 25% of survey respondents have engaged a cyber incident response partner within the last 12 months, despite having strong preventative measures in place

  • Security practitioners have a strong appetite for consolidating managed detection and response and cyber incident response within a single provider

  • MDR and MSS providers are the preferred third-party partners for cyber incident response services—well ahead of risk management firms and global audit or consulting firms

Download the full cyber Incident Response report for insights and perspectives from security professionals about how they manage risk in the age of cybercrime.

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