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Incident Response (IR) Readiness Service

Downtime and business disruption are some of the costliest aspects of cyberattacks – the daily cost of downtime can reach $225K for organizations experiencing a cyber incident. In addition, a lack of pre-breach preparation can lead to complete data loss resulting from a successful ransomware attack.

Therefore, taking a proactive approach to incident response is critical to your ability to quickly resolve the attack, minimize business disruption, and reduce your recovery costs.

eSentire Incident Response (IR) Readiness Service goes beyond traditional IR planning and tabletop exercises by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your incident response so you can eliminate the risk of downtime.

IR Readiness Service helps optimize your incident response by:

  • Collecting, storing, and leveraging data about your environment
  • Pre-deploying forensic tools to accelerate the IR process
  • Assessing your level of readiness to identify gaps and provide recommendations

Download this data sheet to learn how our Incident Response (IR) Readiness Service can help build resilience and recover from cyberattacks faster.

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