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Sustainability, Innovation, and the Future of MSPs/MSSPs with Joe Panettieri

About the Episode

In this episode, we sit down with Joe Panettieri, Founder of Channel Angels, Sustainable Tech Partner, and Mentore Ventures, to discuss how Joe got his start as a communications intern at IBM, his approach to making cybersecurity communications clear and digestible, and the dynamic nature of the cybersecurity industry.

He also shares the lessons learned from supporting a wide array of cybersecurity stakeholders and his experience with ChannelE2E, focusing on business valuation maximization and provides an insider's view on the inception of the MSP 501 list, along with insights into the evolving relationship between service providers and CIOs/CISOs.

Key takeaways from the conversation include:

  • The importance of clarity and customer understanding in cybersecurity communications.
  • Business valuation in the MSP and MSSP sector is heavily influenced by evolving market trends and re-emerging technologies.
  • MDR's increasing significance in the cybersecurity landscape and the essential questions CISOs/CIOs must ask of their service providers.
  • The impact of Generative AI on the cybersecurity industry and the strategic advice for navigating its implications.
  • The convergence of green IT and cybersecurity, highlighting the urgency for service providers to adopt sustainable practices.
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Joe Panettieri, Founder, Channel Angels,

Sustainable Tech Partner, and Mentore Ventures


Erin McLean, Chief Marketing Officer,


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