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Put Your Cyber Defenses to the Test

Identifying how your organization can manage cyber risk and safeguard your sensitive data

Today’s cybercrime gangs are sophisticated organizations with access to significant funds and an ecosystem of specialized tools and services. The ever-expanding and increasingly complex IT environment of modern enterprises, plus generally poor cybersecurity hygiene and training, creates a world of opportunity for cyberattackers.

Sensitive data—especially user credentials, PII, and PHI—has considerable value for cybercriminals, who sell it in online marketplaces and use it to further their activities. No matter how large or small your organization is, cyber threat actors are going to exploit vulnerable systems and take advantage of human error in pursuit of their objectives.

Unfortunately, research commissioned by eSentire has shown that only 39% of organizations have the detection & response capabilities to deter a cyberattacker.

Therefore, it’s essential that you prioritize testing your organization’s cyber defenses continually to maintain your business operations, deliver services, and limit operational disruption.

Download this white paper to understand:

  • The means, motives, and opportunity of why threat actors deploy cyberattacks against organizations
  • The most common cyberattack vectors most organizations are vulnerable against
  • Why you should test your cyber defenses by using various risk management programs, such as Phishing and Security Awareness Training, Vulnerability Management Services, Penetration Testing, and Red Team Engagements

After reading this white paper, you will learn how you can put your cyber defenses to the test using proactive risk management programs to safeguard your sensitive data and mitigate your cyber risk.

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