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Report | May 26, 2020

Manufacturing Insights

Managing Industry 4.0 Cybersecurity Risks

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As a motivated adopter of new technologies, the manufacturing sector has changed significantly in the last decade: automation, artificial intelligence, embedded sensors, cloud services and centralized systems to manage it all have enabled new processes and products, greater efficiencies and higher revenues. But while manufacturers look at facilities and see the manifestation of Industry 4.0, threat actors see a vast threat surface littered with vulnerable systems and valuable data—all belonging to companies with much to lose. Managing cyber risk is a modern business imperative and with a disciplined approach it is possible for manufacturing organizations to enjoy the benefits of Industry 4.0 without falling victim to debilitating, expensive and embarrassing attacks.

Key Insights Include:

  • Digital transformation has caused the threat surface within manufacturing organizations to increase substantially with the introduction of new generations of intelligent solutions
  • Threat actors have traditionally attacked manufacturing organizations with ransomware, but new tactics are emerging
  • To improve cybersecurity and avoid common mistakes, manufacturers should take steps to enable effective cybersecurity governance, understand operational security considerations, manage supply chain risk and outsource risk management
Manufacturing Insights thumbnail 520x670full