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Investing in Security: Reducing Cyber Risks in Private Equity with Ryan Westman and Eldon Sprickerhoff

About the Episode

Private Equity (PE) firms are increasingly targeted due to their comprehensive disclosure requirements, possession of sensitive data, and wide network of portfolio companies, making them lucrative targets for cybercriminals.

What's more, threat actors exploit these characteristics to gain access to an extensive network by breaching just one entity.

In this episode of Cyber Talks, Ryan Westman and Eldon Sprickerhoff dive into the intricate relationship between private equity firms and their portfolio companies concerning cybersecurity.

Key takeaways of the episode include:

  • Why PE firms are attractive targets for cybercriminals, including their access to sensitive data and extensive networks
  • Unique challenges PE firms face, such as limited visibility and control over cybersecurity strategies across their portfolio companies and the diverse range of cyber risks associated with investing across multiple industries
  • Common misconceptions about cybersecurity postures among PE firms, the evolving tactics of cyberattackers, and the critical role of user awareness in preventing attacks
  • Recommendations to defend against remote exploitation and the misuse of valid credentials
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Ryan Westman, Director, Threat Intelligence,



Eldon Sprickerhoff, Founder and Advisor,


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