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eSentire’s On-Demand 24/7 Incident Response


It's impossible to avoid all cyber risk in the ever-evolving threat landscape. Having rapid threat response capabilities means your organization can reduce damage, mitigate costs and gather valuable evidence when the attackers bypass your security. Therefore, timely and complete incident response is key to building cyber resilience and minimizing business disruption.

This video explainer discusses how eSentire’s On-Demand 24/7 Incident Response offers the industry’s only 4-hour Threat Suppression Guarantee, anywhere in the world. What does that 4-hour Threat Suppression Guarantee mean? It means your organization can recover faster. You get superior time to value. And you become more cyber resilient. 

The eSentire agent is a proprietary digital forensics tool that enables our team to perform end-to-end investigations remotely and at unmatched velocity. We strategically deploy eSentire agents across your network and IT systems the moment you on-board as a customer.

When a security incident requiring deep investigation does occur, with eSentire, you have the advantage. The agents give the eSentire Cyber Security Investigations team immediate access and forensic capabilities to actively start working within minutes of your call to suppress the threat in your environment. In 4 hours, the immediate threat will be suppressed and completely contained.

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