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eSentire Threat Intelligence Service

Mediocre threat intelligence has become a commodity in today’s cybersecurity market. Unfortunately, inaccurate threat intelligence can result in false positives, leading in-house security teams to divert valuable time and resources from genuine cyber threats.

Additionally, many threat feeds lack context around IOCs, leaving security teams unable to operationalize threat intelligence.

eSentire Threat Intelligence offers a curated list of high-fidelity IOCs, meticulously vetted and approved by our Elite Threat Hunters and Threat Response Unit (TRU) based on positive Security Operations Center (SOC) investigations across our global customer base. Plus, you integrate our threat feed with your existing tools for a cost-effective approach to operationalize threat intelligence.

Download this data sheet to learn more about how your organization can enhance your threat detection and response capabilities and reduce noise across your security tool stack with eSentire Threat Intelligence service.

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