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eSentire MDR for Microsoft for Healthcare Delivery Organizations

The widespread reliance on the cloud and the use of electronic health records by healthcare providers such as patient clinics, hospitals, and business associates has turned healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) into prime targets for cyberattacks.

The severity of cyberattacks, in addition to how fast cybercriminals can breach the perimeter to exfiltrate healthcare data, means that your security team must be able to minimize attacker dwell time and reduce the overall scope of the damage.

Additionally, many healthcare delivery organizations are rapidly shifting to the cloud as they prioritize speed, flexibility, scalability, and taking a cost-effective approach. Part of this transition includes an investment in Microsoft 365, which includes the traditional Microsoft productivity applications and cybersecurity services, all based in the cloud.

As part of the eSentire MDR for Microsoft solution, we combine elite threat hunting and 24/7 SOC expertise to protect your Microsoft cloud environments by:

  • Actively respond to threats on your behalf by isolating hosts, containing threats, and remediating security incidents across your Microsoft suite
  • Providing improved threat detection and response capabilities, proprietary threat content, runbooks, and AI/ML innovations created by our elite Threat Response Unit (TRU)
  • Integrating security capabilities with your existing investment into Microsoft ecosystem

Download this data sheet to learn more about why you should invest in Microsoft security solutions and how eSentire MDR for Microsoft can protect your healthcare organization with unparalleled threat response and remediation, complete visibility across your Microsoft ecosystem, and highly certified expertise.

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