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Multi-Signal Managed Detection and Response for Healthcare Delivery Organizations

Although cloud-based solutions and internet-connected medical devices have made healthcare more accessible, they have contributed to an ever-expanding cyberattack surface that must be defended from today’s sophisticated cyber threat actors.

As a result, many healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) are outsourcing cybersecurity needs to a MDR provider for 24/7 threat detection, investigation, and response.

At eSentire, we support HDOs by:

  • Supporting patient care with secure services including 24/7 cyber threat detection, investigation and complete response
  • Protecting HDOs from operational disruption caused by ransomware attacks
  • Mitigating third-party risk

We go beyond the market’s capability in cyber threat response. Our multi-signal MDR approach ingests high-fidelity data sources across endpoint, network, log, cloud, asset and vulnerability data that enables complete visibility into the attack surface.

Download our Healthcare Cybersecurity Solution Brief to learn how we secure ePHI, prevent operational disruptions, and ensure your practice meets HIPAA Security requirements.

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