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CubeSmart MDR Case Study


For real estate firms like CubeSmart, working with a trusted advisor like eSentire means effectively reducing their cyber risks, accessing top cybersecurity talent, and building resilience against advanced cyber threats. 

In this video, Paul Lynch, Director of Information Security and Infrastructure at CubeSmart, outlines the cybersecurity challenges impacting his organization, and what drove him to bring in an outsourced cybersecurity provider like eSentire. He also discusses how eSentire Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides 24/7 threat detection, investigation, and response to help reduce their cyber risks and augment their in-house cybersecurity team so they can do more with less, and build cyber resilience.

Company Description: CubeSmart is a Pennsylvania-based real estate investment trust that owns, operates, acquires, and builds self-storage facilities for residential and commercial use across the United States.

Industry: Real Estate

Security Challenges:

  • Effectively reducing and managing their cyber risks
  • Establishing a cybersecurity culture at the organization
  • Lack of in-house resources and cybersecurity expertise for 24/7 threat detection and response
  • Reducing the large volume of raw events down to real events that may require manual intervention without burning out their in-house team
  • Limited access to best in-class cybersecurity tools that show where the cyber risks exist, how they’re being managed, and areas of improvement

Service Overview: 24/7 Multi-Signal Managed Detection and Response

The eSentire Difference:

eSentire Multi-Signal Managed Detection and Response (MDR) monitors and disrupts cyber threats 24/7 targeting their assets. eSentire alleviates internal resource constraints, provides access to top cybersecurity talent, and provides cutting-edge threat intelligence to keep CubeSmart ahead of cyber threats and business disruption. Paul recommends that other cybersecurity leaders partner with an MDR provider like eSentire to better manage their cyber risks, and sleep well, knowing that their organization is protected.

The service benefits outlined by Paul include:

  • 24/7 visibility, threat detection and response
  • Multi-signal ingestion
  • Reducing alert fatigue and automatically disrupting cyber threats on behalf of CubeSmart
  • Alleviate internal resource constraints so that the in-house cybersecurity team can focus on growth and revenue generation
  • Access to top cybersecurity experts
  • Monthly metrics reporting that outline how their organization is being protected by eSentire MDR, using tools and dashboards that provide visibility into their environment, and making escalations when necessary

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