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Building Cyber Resilience: People, Process, Technology

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Your people, process, and technology (PPT) are only effective if they are up-to-date. Although the PPT framework has existed for decades, companies continue to apply this framework to better understand the total value of their teams.

As cybercriminals evolve, they become skilled at leveraging their own philosophy for PPT. This has created challenges in core areas of cybersecurity including:

  • Todays ransomware attacks aren’t what they were three years ago
  • Being “fully patched” doesn’t provide the protection from cyberattacks it once did
  • Migration to cloud brings cybersecurity challenges we haven’t yet fully discovered

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

  • How cyberattackers have evolved and blended their tactics
  • The importance of having a strong Incident Response (IR) plan in place
  • How to leverage the Pragmatic Security Event Management Playbook to help your team navigate common cybersecurity scenarios and strengthen your current IR plan
  • The importance of managing operational cyber risk
  • Cybersecurity predictions and recommendations

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