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Security Playbook: Pragmatic Security Event Management Playbook

In the best of times, it’s important to keep your cyber incident response plan updated. It’s even more important in today’s “business as unusual” environment of remote workforces, distributed endpoints, and distracted operations.

The Pragmatic Security Event Management Playbook provides businesses with an in-depth framework for navigating cybersecurity events that require a concerted response, some of which include:

  • Malware compromise
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Infrastructure outage
  • Local access without authorization
  • Successful remote access without authorization
  • Data loss/extrusion
  • Social engineering

Download the security playbook to learn more about:

  • The five phases of the core incident response process:
    • Phase 0 - Preparation
    • Phase I - Detection
    • Phase II - Confirmation/Triage/Assessment
    • Phase III - Mitigation/Remediation/Resolution
    • Phase IV - Post-Incident
  • How to identify possible cybersecurity gaps and ensure steps are taken to contain/control damage and quickly return to normal operating conditions.
  • The importance of adapting the security playbook framework to align with your organization’s culture, hierarchy, critical data systems, and overall cybersecurity strategy.

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