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Building Cyber Resilience into Your Cloud-First Strategy 


The rise of cloud adoption has also driven the rise of cloud-based cyber threats such as misconfigurations, security policy violations, resource hijacking, and more. To secure and lock down your cloud platforms, it’s imperative to have complete visibility across all layers, along with a focus on building and maintaining cyber resilience throughout the process.

In a recent interview with Information Security Media Group (ISMG), Rahul Bakshi, Chief Product Officer at eSentire, discusses the importance of having the right people, processes, and tools to detect and proactively respond to misconfiguration-related threats and suspicious activity, so you can focus on scaling your business operations securely.

Watch this video to learn more about: 

  • The challenges of cloud adoption and how to overcome them
  • Recommendations to identify, and mitigate, cloud misconfigurations
  • Strategies to improve visibility across the attack surface and increase cyber resilience for your organization

Watch The Video