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Endpoint Prevention, Detection and Response

More than traditional endpoint protection. Safeguard your endpoints, uncover and isolate adversaries and prevent lateral spread.

Endpoint Security Challenges

In order for businesses to ensure endpoint security, their MDR solutions must address network, endpoint, logs, cloud and insider threats.


Endpoint attacks that were new or unknown zero-day attacks1


Average economic loss incurred from an endpoint attack2

279 days

Time to identify and contain a security breach3


Attacks missed by traditional antivirus product4

1,2,4 Ponemon: 2020 State of Endpoint Security
3 Ponemon: 2019 Cost of a Data Breach

How does esENDPOINT solve these challenges?

Today’s endpoints are located across vast physical and digital landscapes, making conventional security solutions obsolete. Get advanced endpoint that includes prevention, detection and response with esENDPOINT.

Thwart known threats

Next-gen endpoint prevention identifies suspicious behavior with automated blocking of known, new and fileless attacks

Detect New Attacks

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) with integrated proprietary machine learning identifies threats built to bypass prevention

Hunt and isolate before disruption

Elite threat hunters minimize threat actor dwell time for you by locking down and isolating compromised endpoints

Harden against the future

Unlimited incident response support ensures threat presence is eradicated and endpoints are resilient to new and repeat attacks

How does endpoint protection work?

T elemetry
T elemetry

What does esENDPOINT protect you against?


Known attacks

Zero-day attacks

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

Suspicious activity

Abnormal behavior

Fileless attacks

Lateral movement

What are your expected outcomes with endpoint protection?

Rapid deployment and quick time to value

Reduction in operating expenditure cost and resource demands

Optimized and hardened state of endpoint defense

Minimized incident recovery timeframe

Elimination of physical and virtual endpoint blind spots

Blocking of known, unknown and fileless attacks

Mitigation of potential business disruption

Detection of elusive attackers and zero-day threats

Satisfaction of compliance requirements

Isolation of compromised endpoints, preventing lateral spread

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esENDPOINT vs. Other Endpoint Detection and Response

24x7 continuous monitoring, recording and centralizing of activity
Prevention of known attacks
Alerting of confirmed threats and suspicious behavior
Co-remediation and hardening recommendations
Tactical threat containment on customer’s behalf via host isolation to stop lateral spread


Active threat hunting

Limited (May Require IR Retainer)

Singular agent


Continuous management, tuning and refinement of detection platform

Varies (May require Add-on to Service)

Root cause determination

Varies (May Require IR Retainer)

Detection of unknown attacks using machine learning and advanced analytics


Full incident lifecycle support

Requires IR Retainer

Simple, fast and cost-effective security outcomes

eSentire MDR with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is now available to all eSentire partners, customers and Microsoft users. This integration allows for organizations to make the most of their existing investment in the Microsoft ecosystem and delivers the outcomes organizations need to stop cyberattackers in their tracks.

"The combination of tools, technology and eSentire's Security Operations Center (SOC) means that we have eyes and ears on our network at all times. We consider eSentire as an extension of our team."

Eric Feldman

Chief Information Officer


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"Cloud is essential to meet the demands needed to grow our business. We will build upon our existing relationship with eSentire and the robust cybersecurity capabilities they provide to continue to mitigate threats across our growing cloud footprint."

Michael Guenzler

Chief Information Security Officer


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"We have immediate visibility into attempts to penetrate our network and feel better knowing that eSentire’s MDR is manned 24x7x365 with experienced cybersecurity experts."

Mark Fairhead

Associate Director (IT Department)

Rawlinson & Hunter

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