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Global Investment Firm Uses Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services to Protect Proprietary information and Private Data

The Business:

Global investment firm that offers financial products and services throughout the world:

Solution and Benefits

Customer Pain Points and Drivers

The Business and Security Outcomes


The customer is one of the world’s largest investment firms, with a global presence and more than 5,000 employees. Knowledge-based insights are the foundation of informed investment and business decisions and represent one of the firm’s strongest differentiators. Protecting these assets and the private information of the firm’s clients is an absolute necessity.

The Challenge

Through growth over the firm’s history—extending more than 80 years—the customer has become a truly global and interconnected organization.

The company’s information assets contain proprietary research and analysis, plus private and personal data belonging to the firm’s customers. As is the case with many collaborative businesses who deal with end clients, much of this information needs to be shared securely and accessed remotely.

Keeping this global operation running smoothly and protecting the valuable information is a team of experienced information technology (IT) and security personnel. To enable this distributed architecture, the firm utilizes a hub model using MPLS and VPNs with endpoints protected by a leading endpoint protection platform.

Following an internal restructuring, the team took a high-level look at the organization’s evolving IT and security needs. These needs were shaped by a keen awareness of multiple factors, including:

After careful consideration and having previously explored the option of building an internal SOC function, the decision was made to augment the in-house capabilities with specialized external expertise, particularly for MDR and security operations.

As the firm’s Europe-based IT security lead put it, “We have a really solid IT security team in house, but we needed a specialist looking at events and triaging logs, deciding what warranted escalation. In the past, we had too many false positives and the volume overwhelmed our team.”

The Solution

The firm’s IT security lead prepared an RFP and invited seven vendors to respond. The questions were grouped into a handful of categories and a five-person technical team scored the seven responses. The top four vendors were asked to deliver specialized presentations and to introduce their technical teams for more detailed discussions.

Based on these initial rounds, the firm shortlisted two vendors. eSentire was joined in this final round by the security division of an enormous multinational technology enterprise.

Ultimately, the eSentire proposal—consisting of eSentire’s multi-signal approach to MDR services leveraging eSentire MDR for Endpoint, eSentire MDR for Network and eSentire MDR for Log—was selected. The firm cited several specific areas, including:

The Results

One of the biggest differences for the firm is that the workload on the security team is substantially lower, which allows them not only to keep pace with day-to-day demands but also to move forward with other initiatives.

In the customer’s words, “The information we get back from eSentire is much more filtered, in a good way—there’s considerably less noise than we’re used to, because the investigation has been done before it comes over to us. Our experience with other companies is that they just send a stream of logs and make understanding it our problem.”

True to expectations, the firm has been impressed with eSentire’s people and level of service, sharing that, “The team is very responsive. We can always get someone on the phone or by email, and it’s always a human response—not some automated thing about our request being important. eSentire’s people are very skilled, very approachable and very knowledgeable.”

Crucially, when it comes to security outcomes, the results are exactly what the firm hoped for.

For example, the customer has performed multiple penetration tests since introducing eSentire, and eSentire’s defenses have always picked up these exercises.

That’s fine for peace of mind, but what about legitimate attacks?

In this domain, eSentire has detected multiple real threats, leaving the fifirm convinced that they are in a much better state of prevention and protection than in years past. “eSentire has already picked up a number of malware and other threats that likely would have gone under the radar otherwise. And I think that comes down to the level of threat intelligence and proactive investigation that eSentire performs—it’s terrific, it’s what we had hoped for and it leads to real results.”

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