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Tackling Threats: Building a Winning Cyber Defense with Terrell Davis

About the Episode

Whether you're on the football field or on the cybersecurity battlefield, being resilient means being able to bounce back stronger after a setback. On the field, it's about how quickly your team is able to adapt to a bad start or a late-game deficit to take the win. In cybersecurity, it's about how your organization can anticipate, withstand, and recover from even the most sophisticated cyber threats by responding efficiently and restoring operations.

Both require a mindset focused on learning from challenges and strengthening defenses for the next encounter. Success isn't about never facing setbacks; it's about how effectively you recover and prepare for the next challenge.

In this episode, Tia Hopkins talks with Terrell Davis, Football Hall of Famer and Former Running Back for the Denver Broncos, about the parallels between sport’s biggest stage and the battle facing security leaders today, including:

  • Seeing the big picture and getting full attack surface visibility
  • The importance of deep investigation to drive effective security (and sport) performance
  • Balancing an offensive game plan vs. defensive expertise
  • Why building and measuring resilience is the key to your success – not only in business or on the football field but in the game of life
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Terrell Davis, Football Hall of Famer,

Former Running Back for the Denver Broncos


Tia Hopkins, Chief Cyber Resilience Officer & Field CTO,


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