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Securing the Future with eSentire: Harnessing the Potential of Generative AI for Advanced Threat Detection and Response

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Generative AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, have had a transformative impact on businesses to help improve efficiency and reduce overhead. However, as reliance on these technologies rises, they come with their own complex set of cybersecurity challenges. Security leaders and organizations want to understand the effect these tools have on cyber and business risk.

In addition to threat actors using generative AI technologies to lure victims into downloading malicious code and even creating dynamic malware code using ChatGPT, there is a significant risk of employees unintentionally sharing sensitive data with the public version of AI technologies. However, security leaders can also use generative AI as a powerful defensive weapon to build resilience against advanced cyberattacks.

In this webinar, Greg Crowley, CISO at eSentire, Dustin Hillard, CTO at eSentire, and Alexander Feick, VP, eSentire Labs, will share their insights on how security leaders can effectively use generative AI technologies across their organizations without compromising their cybersecurity.

Key takeaways include:

  • Cyber risks associated with using generative AI technologies
  • How security leaders can use ChatGPT, and other similar tools, to strengthen their cybersecurity posture and build cyber resilience
  • How security leaders can set up, deploy, and use LLM (large language model) gateways to protect your company's sensitive data and ensure regulatory compliance
  • How MDR providers are applying generative AI tools to advanced threat detection and response to provide better security outcomes
  • A preview of eSentire AI Investigator, our application of a private, secure AI model against the industry’s largest MDR investigation dataset

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