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Navigating Risk Reduction and Cyber Insurance

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As the volume of sophistication of cyber threats continues to grow, it becomes clear that there is no end to cyber risk. Organizations looking to reduce their cyber risk exposure and build a future-ready cybersecurity program should adopt a cyber resilience mindset – that is, be able to anticipate, withstand, and recover from the most sophisticated cyberattacks.

Security leaders looking to build a holistic cybersecurity program, first need to assess their infrastructure and identify potential vulnerabilities in their environment. By adopting proactive cybersecurity controls such as advanced threat detection and response, 24/7 monitoring, and employee training, you can reduce the likelihood of cyberattacks, improve your cybersecurity posture, and satisfy your cyber insurance requirements.

Join Michael Ludgate, Adam Leipold, and CJ Dietzman in this fireside chat as they discuss: 

  • How cyber insurers and enterprise organizations evaluate cyber risk
  • Security leader considerations for insurability requirements, which will enable organizations to take advantage of the protection that cyber insurance can provide
  • How cyber insurance can help protect businesses against the evolving cyber threat landscape

Host: Michael Ludgate, Insurance Program Manager at eSentire

Guest Speakers:

Adam Leipold, VP, Information Technology, Rev Renewables
CJ Dietzman, Senior Vice President, Cyber, Alliant

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