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Multi-Signal Defense Kill Chain: Strengthening Hand-to-Hand Combat Capabilities in Active Intrusions

Traditional cybersecurity controls and MSSPs that were once effective in keeping cyber threats in check, are no longer a match for the growing speed and sophistication of modern cyberattacks.

So, it’s no surprise that cybersecurity teams are fighting a losing battle trying to keep up with complex business requirements and the expanding attack surface.

You simply cannot protect your organization from cyber threats if you don’t have complete visibility across your cyberattack surface.

Adopting a multi-signal approach with data correlation and contextualization capabilities across endpoints, logs, network, cloud is the only way to effectively contain and remediate advanced persistent cyber threats.

In this webinar, Keegan Keplinger, Research and Reporting Lead at eSentire, will share his insights on:

  • What multi-signal data correlation and contextualization means in the context of cyber threat intelligence and cyber threat hunting
  • Mapping tactics and techniques threat actors use to fulfill their objectives back to each phase of the overall cyberattack workflow
  • Deep dive into how eSentire’s Threat Response Unit (TRU) used data from log, endpoint, and network to build detection content for cyber threats like Log4j and Cobalt Strike
  • How cyber threat intelligence teams can adopt a multi-signal approach to enrich their detection engineering content


Keegan Keplinger, Research and Reporting Lead for eSentire’s Threat Response Unit (TRU)


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