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Mitigating Third-Party Risk 101


In 2021, there was a drastic rise in the use of zero-day attacks against organizations. Given the privileged access that your third-party and supply chain vendors have into your organization, threat actors will exploit zero-day vulnerabilities found in their environment to target your organization.

Perhaps the most notable attack that stemmed from a zero-day vulnerability was the July 2021 attack on Kaseya’s VSA platform launched by REvil, the Russian-affiliated ransomware attack group. The attack emphasized a need for organizations to be proactive in mitigating their third-party cyber risks and detecting zero-day vulnerabilities before cyberattackers access them.

Join eSentire’s Spence Hutchinson, Senior Threat Researcher, as he covers the basics of assessing third-party cyber risk and what steps your organization can take to prevent security data breaches.

Key learnings from this webinar include:

  • Notable vulnerabilities in 2021
  • Why third-party and supply chain vendors are targeted for cyberattacks
  • Lessons learned from the zero-day attack on Kaseya by REvil
  • How Vendor Risk Assessments can protect your organization from third-party and supply chain risks

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