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Managing Cyber Threats Across the Food Manufacturing Supply Chain

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The food supply chain sector has undergone an enormous digital transformation in recent decades: automation, artificial intelligence, embedded sensors, cloud services, and centralized management systems have been integrated into practically every point of the food supply chain.

While these technologies have enabled greater efficiencies and higher margins, they have also introduced new cyber risks, as they provide a vast attack surface littered with systems and valuable data that are vulnerable to cyber threats— all belonging to organizations who operate on tight margins with very little tolerance for downtime. As a result, the global food manufacturing supply chain has already faced difficulties in recent years

According to new research from eSentire’s Threat Response Unit (TRU), the food supply chain sector is one of the most targeted industry verticals across our global customer base. Therefore, we recommend extending beyond the fundamentals of a multi-layered cyber defense strategy and adopting a risk-based approach to cybersecurity for the global food supply industry.

This threat intelligence spotlight report takes a broader view of the cybersecurity challenges facing members of the food supply sector and the evolving nature of cybercrime.

Download this threat intelligence spotlight report for key insights on some of the most concerning cyber threats impacting the food supply chain industry and security recommendations from TRU on how the industry can strengthen their cyber defenses.

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