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Ransomware – A Deal with the Devil?

About the Episode

To pay the ransom, or not to pay? When it comes to ransomware, that is the question. The answer is complicated, to say the least.

As a result of the industrialization of ransomware threats, and despite concerted effort from law enforcement agencies, every organization—no matter the size, maturity, or industry—is at risk.

While there are proven ways to reduce both the likelihood and the impact of a successful ransomware attack, too many business leaders are forced to ask themselves if they should pay a ransom—or try to recover via other means.

In this episode of the Managing Cyber Risk podcast, Mark Sangster joined Cybercrime Magazine’s Hillarie McClure to discuss ransomware—with a specific focus on whether or not businesses should pay the ransom or not.


Mark Sangster, Cybersecurity Author and Expert


Hillarie McClure, VP of Multimedia Productions,

Cybersecurity Ventures

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