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From the Arena to the Boardroom: Greg Crowley's First 90 Days Blueprint

About the Episode

The role of any security leader – be it the CISO, CIO, VP Security, or even Director of Security, is that of a grandmaster in chess. Every move you make during the opening will set the tone for the game, and the world of cybersecurity is no different.

As a new security leader, your first 90 days can either establish a robust defense against cyber threats or leave your company vulnerable to a myriad of threats.

In this episode, Greg Crowley joins us to share what new security leaders should focus on within their first 90 days. Key topics of discussion include:

  • What led Greg to join a security firm after a 17-year long tenure as the VP of Cybersecurity and Network Infrastructure at WWE
  • How security leaders should identify and approach potential allies and resistors within their first 30 days
  • Which security metrics are most valuable, and how leaders should assess their organization’s security maturity
  • How to win over the board's trust and get the necessary resources
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Greg Crowley, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO),



Rob Pittman, Director, Creative Services,


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