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Case study

Fraudulent Transaction Illuminates Third-Party Risk

Organizations rely on many services and vendors to keep operations moving. Third-party cyber risk is the possible threat that your data could be compromised by these outside vendors and service providers. The best way to protect your business from a third-party breach is by doing the due diligence needed.

Review this case study to see when eSentire was engaged by a financial services firm to conduct third-party risk assessments because the firm had experienced a failed audit due to the discovery of a fraudulent transaction from a compromised third party.

Realizing the potential implications for a repeat issue and that they may already be compromised by another vendor, the customer contracted eSentire’s Virtual CISO services, specifically Third-Party Risk Assessments.

Read the full case study to see how eSentire executed tailored risk assessments that resulted in operational cost savings for the firm’s business.

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