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eSentire MDR for Microsoft for Law Firms

Law firms have unparalleled access to valuable information across all facets of the public and private sectors. Financial account information, mergers and acquisitions records, investment strategies, and healthcare records are all well-established, profitable data assets that are circulated by threat actors on cybercrime marketplaces.

Threat actors often use publicly available court records and settlement documents to create lures that manipulate legal professionals into downloading malicious payloads.

Once they have access to your firm’s sensitive data, they can use it for their own profits, target your firm’s client base, publicly disrupt your operations, or retaliate against your firm for representing politically ionized clients or polarizing figures.

Additionally, many law firms are rapidly shifting to the cloud as they prioritize speed, flexibility, scalability, and taking a cost-effective approach. Part of this transition includes an investment in Microsoft 365, which includes the traditional Microsoft productivity applications and cybersecurity services, all based in the cloud.

As part of the eSentire MDR for Microsoft solution, we combine elite threat hunting and 24/7 SOC expertise to protect your Microsoft cloud environments by:

  • Actively respond to threats on your behalf by isolating hosts, containing threats, and remediating security incidents across your Microsoft suite

  • Providing improved threat detection and response capabilities, proprietary threat content, runbooks, and AI/ML innovations created by our elite Threat Response Unit (TRU)

  • Integrating security capabilities with your existing investment into Microsoft ecosystem

Download this data sheet to learn more about why you should invest in Microsoft security solutions and how eSentire MDR for Microsoft can protect your law firm with unparalleled threat response and remediation, complete visibility across your Microsoft ecosystem, and highly certified expertise.

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