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eSentire Atlas XDR Investigator

It isn’t just important to know when a data breach occurs. To be cyber resilient, organizations need a combination of tools, methodologies, and hands-on personnel to discover, react, and minimize the potential impact of any digital security threat.

Our Solution For Enterprise Forensics: Atlas XDR Investigator 

Atlas XDR Investigator is an e-discovery, forensics and incident response enterprise software solution that enables your Information Security, IR and IT teams with unparalleled insight into incident response, cyber threat hunting, digital forensic investigation, insider threat analysis and malware detection. This enterprise forensics solution enables your cybersecurity personnel to quickly perform remote triage and digital forensic analysis, evidence capture, and incident remediation across networked servers and endpoint workstations.

Read this enterprise forensics data sheet to learn how to go beyond breach protection to enable real-time investigation, analysis and resolution of active, or potential threats, no matter the origin. No other enterprise digital forensics software matches Atlas XDR Investigators' depth of endpoint visibility and speed to resolution. 

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