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Disrupting Initial Access

An examination of how malware gets into your environment and how to prevent it

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Ransomware attacks have become a topic of discussion in executive suites around the world as cybersecurity leaders grapple with the magnitude and impact of this risk.

Successful cyberattacks unfold in mere hours from Initial Access to data exfiltration and deployment of ransomware, causing CISOs to re-evaluate their cybersecurity program, posture, and controls.

In our report, Disrupting Initial Access, eSentire’s Threat Response Unit (TRU) shares an analysis of Initial Access trends they’ve seen across our global customer base over 2020-2022.

Key takeaways from this ransomware report include:

  • How cyberattackers are leveraging Initial Access tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to automate malware deployment
  • Year-over-year high-level trends in malicious code (“malcode”) delivery mechanisms spanning 2020-2022
  • How your cybersecurity team can manage Initial Access risks and prevent ransomware through proactive response

Studying Initial Access trends allows your team to review previous cyberattacks and weigh potential future attack vectors to optimize multiple layers of defense for cyber risk reduction and cost.

Download the ransomware report to learn how you can increase your organization’s cyber resilience to limit exposure to follow-on attacks and put your business ahead of disruption.

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