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Defending Against Modern Ransomware: Lessons from the SunWalker Incident

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In this cyber threat report, we look at recent changes in modern ransomware attacks and what that means for organizations when they are targeted. We walk through a real ransomware attack that an eSentire customer faced and how our team responded.

In recent years, a ransomware-as-a-service market has lowered the entry barriers for prospective cybercrime entrepreneurs. This new paradigm promises to create a larger number of modern ransomware attacks against legitimate organizations.

Against such a cyber threat, having the best technological defenses in place is necessary but insufficient. The right technology can give you the capability to detect a cyberattack and put up a fight, but human expertise is the weapon you need to succeed.

Modern Ransomware Report Key Insights

  • Competition in cybercrime marketplaces drives innovation and efficiency, rewarding modern ransomware gangs and making cyberattacks more dangerous.
  • Defending against a powerful combination of human cyberattackers equipped with advanced technologies requires more than advanced technologies; that is, no defense is complete without expert threat hunters working on your behalf to stop cyber threats.
  • The SunWalker incident was ultimately stopped by a multi-layered defensive posture that combined people, processes and technology in a strong Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution.

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