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Building a Career in Cyber by Thinking Outside the (Technical) Box with Kristin Kelly

About the Episode

For those who want to enter the cybersecurity field, especially if they come from a non-technical background, there is no shortage of opportunities. Just ask Kristin Kelly, who was recently recognized as a Young Professional to Watch by the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA).

In this conversation, Kristin shares her story of how she transitioned from a non-technical PR role to becoming a technical cybersecurity marketer and how her involvement with industry events like RSA and ILTACON have enabled her to build key relationships with cybersecurity leaders.

Key topics of discussion include:

  • How Kristin has worked to overcome imposter syndrome and become more proactive to share ideas and build networks at work
  • The importance of self-education and networking to grow in the cybersecurity industry
  • Why it's critical to empathize with your customers and partners and go beyond business transactions to build trusted relationships
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Kristin Kelly, Growth Marketing Programs Specialist,



Erin McLean, Chief Marketing Officer,


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