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eSentire earns Blue Coat Encrypted Traffic Management ready certification

October 8, 2016 | 1 MIN READ

Cambridge, ON – eSentire Inc., a leader in Active Threat Protection solutions and continuous managed cybersecurity services, joins Blue Coat Systems’ Encrypted Traffic Management (ETM) Ready Certification Program, providing seamless integration into Blue Coat’s SSL Visibility solution to offer a higher level of cybersecurity protection for its clients.

eSentire plans to proactively defend against the increasing number of threats using encryption to hide their activities. In April, eSentire announced it would pursue technology partnerships to decrypt SSL traffic to increase monitoring and protection for its clients and remove this blind spot.

The ETM Ready Certification Partner Program was established by Blue Coat in March 2015 to enable Blue Coat technology partners to build solutions that help combat security threats hidden in encrypted traffic while preserving privacy, policy and regulatory compliance. eSentire has met all criteria requirements and has become a certified partner in the Blue Coat ETM Ready program.

“Blue Coat’s decryption expertise will allow us to see potentially harmful traffic that was previously blocked from our view,” said J. Paul Haynes, eSentire CEO. “SSL encryption is a powerful tool that helps protect networks from eavesdropping. But it is also increasingly being used by cybercriminals and malware authors to hide their activities from inspection. SSL encrypted traffic will become a larger problem if we don’t mitigate this risk now. Decryption capability, through partnerships, gives our security analysts line of sight on this traffic and adds another layer of protection for our clients.”

"We are excited to have eSentire join the Blue Coat ETM Ready program,” said Peter Doggart, VP Business Development. "Our certification program continues to grow as we’re fundamentally changing the cybersecurity protection game by offing a straightforward approach to see all the traffic, and enable privacy through policy while enhancing the efficacy of security products.”

SSL traffic is on the rise, according to cybersecurity analyst Gartner, who reported that the trend of encrypted traffic is going to grow more rapidly. Gartner has stated that it believes that in 2017 more of the network attacks targeting enterprises will use encrypted traffic to bypass controls. Gartner recommends businesses evaluate the security risks coming from uninspected encrypted network traffic.* eSentire’s strategy to offer a solution through strategic partnerships continues to demonstrate the company’s proactive approach to security trends.

*Gartner Report: Security Leaders Must Address Threats from Rising SSL Traffic (December 2013)