We stand guard, so you don’t have to

Data collected globally by our sensors and cloud-native technology is analyzed by elite threat hunters in our SOCs and used in real-time to stop threats in their tracks.

Around-the-clock elite protection

Our SOC teams stand guard for you 24x7x365. We ensure that our 750+ customers across 48 countries and 28 industries are protected all day, every day.

Every Second Counts

When every second counts, the time between alerts to action is critical for your business. We identify attacks in seconds, containing them before they cause serious business disruption. Our SOCs average:

35 seconds

to initial response

20 minutes

to contain

Evolve, Refine and Optimize

Cyberattackers constantly evolve. Our SOC analysts evolve right along with them. By continuously assessing, refining and optimizing our processes, technology and people, we stay ahead of the hackers.

Top Talent and Training

We search for and recruit top talent from across the globe, including those with CISSP and OSCP accreditations. Our rigorous, ongoing training and retraining keeps us on top of evolving threat hunting procedures and technologies.

Proven Best-in-Class Protection

From automation and orchestration to patented detection and machine learning, we develop and select the appropriate technology that empowers our SOC analysts to hunt and contain the latest threats.

The Power of Process

The power of our people and technology is multiplied by implementing dynamic processes that amplify scale detection and response capabilities. We continuously analyze and improve processes to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape.


Annual Threat Intelligence Report

Find out where the latest threats are coming from and what you can do to contain them.

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The industry's top experts

The eSentire SOC team has 200+ of the industry’s top threat hunters on the job for you, with more than 100 focused solely on SOC operations.

Security Operations

Managing all facets of the SOCs, insights and business risk


Elite Threat Hunting

24x7x365 advanced threat hunting and containment

SOC Administration

Controls administrative flow of the SOCs

Customer Care

Trained as SOC analysts to provide expert support

Threat Intel

Located within the SOCs to continuously research threat landscape and advanced investigations

Rigorous Training

Ongoing modularized training with “co-pilot” modules for rapid learning and real-world experience

TSS and Deployments

Executes sensor deployment and ongoing configuration of complicated environments

Our 3:00 a.m. vs. their 3:00 a.m.

Cybersecurity is not a part-time job. Our SOCs are fully staffed and monitor 24x7x365, hunting for threats and ready to respond and contain attacks whenever and wherever they come from in real time.

How it works

See how our SOC leveraged esENDPOINT’s proprietary machine learning capabilities to rapidly detect a threat actor's presence and contain the phishing threat before it disrupted our customer’s business.

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