"Clients should be wary of claims from traditional MSSPs on their ability to deliver MDR-like services.

Delivering these services requires technologies not traditionally in scope for MSS, such as endpoint threat detection/response, or network behavior analysis or forensic tools."

- Managed Detection and Response Services Market Guide. May 2017

Your Last Line of Defense.

Prevention-focused security controls like firewalls and anti-virus are simply not enough to cope with today’s cyber threats. 24x7 MDR actively hunts and contains threats that have bypassed all other security controls.

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Cybersecurity is Complex.
We Live for Complex.

Our 24x7 Security Operations Center is filled with the world’s brightest security analysts who are equipped with advanced forensic tools and tradecraft to combat today’s sophisticated attacks, which means you get enterprise-grade security, no matter the size of your business. 

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Detection and Response
at the “Speed of Bad”.

Every second counts when you’re dealing with a suspected cyber-attack. It takes an average of 32 seconds for an eSentire security analyst to begin investigating suspicious activity on a client’s network. Thanks to our purpose-built esARTEMIS™ technology, developed and honed over 15 years, resolution and response can be completed in minutes.

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Make Your Regulators Happy.

From monitoring access to sensitive data to enforcing your acceptable usage policy, MDR helps you comply with stringent regulatory requirements, no matter your industry. You can sleep at night, knowing that we don’t.

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Your Competitive Advantage.

A client’s decision to work with you over your competitors is increasingly dependent on how well you protect their data. Show them you’re serious about security with MDR.

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You’ll Love Doing Business with Us.

With a 97% customer retention rate and best-in-class satisfaction ratings, our customers rave about our white-glove service and easy access to our security analysts. We’ll work tirelessly to make you rave, too.

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Your Security is too Important to
“Fake It 'til You Make It”

Many MSSPs are quickly jumping on the MDR bandwagon, changing their branding and hitting all the right buzzwords. That’s just wrong.

Watch the series to learn how MSSP just can't compare to MDR.

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eSentire Managed Detection and Response
Unmatched Purpose-built Technology
Built over 15 years, esARTEMIS™ is a fully-integrated platform with deep threat visibility, investigation and response tools.

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