See Everything

24x7x365 monitoring with full spectrum visibility across on-premises, cloud and hybrid IT environments.

ransomware one of the greatest cybersecurity threats

Miss Nothing

Human threat hunting with machine learning-assisted detection uncovers known and never-before-seen attacks.

ransomware one of the greatest cybersecurity threats

Act Before Impact

Embedded incident response accelerates precision and speed, facilitating rapid tactical threat containment.

ransomware one of the greatest cybersecurity threats

Harden Against Future Attacks

Root cause investigation and remediation guidance defines corrective actions to harden security postures against evolving threats.

ransomware one of the greatest cybersecurity threats

Sleep At Night Knowing We Don’t

Our always-on Security Operation Center (SOC) analysts continuously hunt, investigate and respond to known and unknown threats in real time before they hinder or damage your business.

Leave Threat Actors Nowhere to Hide

All new signals in your environment are presumed to be potentially malicious. Our human threat hunters employ machine learning detection to uncover attacks from simple to the most deceptive.

Every Second Counts

In the face of an attack, how long can you afford to remediate? Our proven solution takes only:

  • 35 seconds for initial response
  • 10.5 minutes to resolve incidents
  • 20 minutes to fully remediate

Incident Response Demands More Than Alerts

Logs and alert emails are no longer enough. Our ever-watchful SOC analysts perform tactical threat containment for you to minimize threat actor dwell time and business disruption.

A Retainer Increases Risk

Incident response retainers create debilitating lags between discovery and response times. All eSentire MDR services come standard with unlimited embedded incident response including:

  • Human threat hunting
  • Forensic investigation
  • Alerting and incident guidance
  • Threat containment performed on your behalf
  • Continuous hardening guidance

eSentire MDR is the Only Real MDR

We pioneered the MDR category and continue to lead it into the future. We deliver the highest level of protection in the industry backed by a 97 percent retention rate from clients who trust us to protect their business.

The eSentire Difference

There is clear distinction between others vs. eSentire MDR that ultimately could mean the difference between a minor incident and a major disruption for your business.

Take a closer look, then you be the judge.

  Other MDR esentire logo
24x7 always-on monitoring
Detection using signatures and IoCs
Remediation Guidance
Detection of unknown leveraging patterns, behavioral analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence Limited
Human Threat Hunting Limited
False Positive Reduction Limited
Response plan for particular incident Limited
Endpoint Tactical Threat Containment Performed on Client's Behalf Varies
Endpoint Visibility (Full telemetry) Varies
Log Visibility (On-premises and Cloud) Varies
Network Visibility utilizing full PCAP
Ability to correlate endpoint, network (PCAP) and log data into investigations
Alerting of suspicious behavior
Network Tactical Threat Containment Performed on Client's Behalf
Remediation verification

Full Spectrum Visibility

Whether on-premises, in the cloud, or somewhere in between, eSentire esNETWORK, esENDPOINT, esLOG+ and our 24x7x365 threat hunters work together to stay ahead of evolving threats.


As the primary sensor for eSentire MDR, esNETWORK uses advanced behavior-based anomaly detection and attack pattern analysis to detect threats that have bypassed all other network security controls.

Learn More ransomware one of the greatest cybersecurity threats


Powered by Carbon Black™, esENDPOINT eliminates endpoint blind spots providing protection and threat detection that empowers eSentire SOC analysts to hunt, investigate and contain attacks before they disrupt business.

Learn More ransomware one of the greatest cybersecurity threats


As a cloud-native, SIEM alternative, esLOG+ aggregates meaningful and actionable intelligence from network assets, endpoints, applications and cloud services providing critical visibility to eSentire SOC.

Learn More ransomware one of the greatest cybersecurity threats


Managed by 24x7x365 Operation Centers

Detects, isolates and responds to attacks in real-time with always-on service monitored by SOCs in North America and Europe.

Uncompromised Visibility

Log: Collects, aggregates and monitors data across on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform.

Network: Always-on full traffic capture including SSL decryption to support best-in-class forensic investigations.

Endpoint: Continuously monitors, records, centralizes and retains activity for every endpoint in your organization.

Known-threat Prevention

Real-time blocking of signature-based threats, including phishing, malware and botnets using thousands of rules in 40+ threat categories.

Unknown Threat Detection

Advanced anomaly detection and behavioral analytics alert and assist eSentire SOC analysts in investigating, detecting and responding to never-before-seen attacks.

Machine Learning Integration

Machine learning makes sense of expected and unexpected behavior across your environment with pattern, anomaly and outlier detection.

Big Data Analytics

Leverages the power of big data and advanced analytics to end-user behavior, to detect anomalies (deviations from the established baseline) and to flag exceptions to identify real and potential threats.

Embedded Threat Hunting and Forensic Investigation

Embedded threat hunting and forensic investigation accelerates precision and speed, facilitating rapid response and threat containment.

Tactical Threat Containment

Locks down and isolates compromised endpoints and disrupts malicious network traffic to prevent the spread of attacks.

Global Threat Intelligence Integration

Up-to-the-minute threat protection from multiple world renowned threat intelligence feeds.

Simplified Compliance Management and Reporting

Ensures compliance mandates are met with continuous monitoring, portal visualizations and automated retention policies with various out of the box, and custom security reports that meet regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, SEC, GDPR, and more.

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