Proven Cybersecurity for
Mid-Sized Enterprise

The number of cyber threats targeting mid-sized enterprise has never been greater, and what’s troubling is that most aren’t even aware that they’re a prime target. These attacks are becoming more sophisticated and virtually impossible for traditional cybersecurity technology to detect.

Your Elite Cybersecurity Team

eSentire doesn’t just deliver a smarter cybersecurity technology; we absorb the complexity with a white glove approach.

Our 24x7 team of elite security intelligence analysts live inside our technology. They know where and what to look for when it comes to the latest cyber threats and use highly sophisticated forensics tools - crafted and fine-tuned over 10 years, to hunt and respond to odd or suspicious behavior and lock-it-down... within seconds.

Our team of security analysts do all of the work from forensic investigation to incident response so you can focus on managing your business.

24X7 Global Security Operations Center

  • Industry-leading security analyst-to-client ratio.
  • Formally trained cybersecurity analysts.
  • Geographic diversity.

Advanced Forensic Investigation

  • Full-packet inspection improves accuracy and speed of investigations.
  • Proprietary forensic investigation and mature process ensures faster response to unknown threats.

Holistic Threat Resolution

  • Complete incident response including threat containment and resolution management keep you focused on your business.
  • Host lock-down and quarantine enables the immediate removal of an infected machine from the network to prevent lateral spread.
  • Ad-hoc queries and non-emergency support provide expert support whenever you need it.

Customized Dashboards and Reporting

  • Quarterly in-person threat reporting provides your organization with a customized analysis and executive briefing on your threat traffic.
  • Web-based reporting and analytics provide access to on demand threat activity data.

Smarter Cyber Technology

Managed Detection and Response is a single service that works smarter because it tightly integrates the best of signature, behavioral and anomaly detection capabilities with a rich suite of forensic investigation tools that enable our SOC to block threats in real-time.


Smarter Real-time Detection and Prevention

  • Always-on full-packet capture provides complete visibility, enabling deep investigations that lead to the right decision, in less time.
  • Whitelisted executables prevents download of potentially harmful files by employees.
  • Decrypted SSL traffic analysis provides a complete visibility into threats hidden inside SSL.
  • Host containment enables remote removal of an infected device from the network.
  • Automatic signature-based intrusion detection and prevention stops known threats in real-time.
  • Zero network latency ensures that your traffic flows uninterrupted.


  • IP range blocking (geo-location blacklisting) can be tailored to reduce your attack exposure.
  • Whitelisting/blacklisting and custom rules and signatures support your unique security needs.

Attack Pattern & Behavior-Based

  • Combines data sets such as bandwidth surges, time-of-day, geo-location reputation, unusual protocol and port scanning to flag odd or suspicious behavior.
  • System log aggregation and correlation improves detection and investigation by harnessing data from other security systems and devices deployed on your network.

Continuous Vulnerability Detection

  • Automatic weekly vulnerability scanning of network and systems including web applications help reduce the exploit window.
  • Recommended patch upgrades and support provided to eliminate newly discovered vulnerabilities on your network.

Historical Breach Detection

  • Applies the latest threat intel against an archive of historical network traffic to find breaches that dwell in your network.

Agile Approach

The cyber landscape is rapidly changing and cybercriminals have first-mover advantage.

Relying simply on signatures is no longer good enough to stay protected, or to meet your industry's specific cybersecurity regulatory requirements.

Managed Detection and Response harnesses robust threat detection capabilities, industry-leading threat intelligence, and powerful forensic investigation tools, all supporting our skilled security analysts who investigate and make decisions on incoming never-before-seen threats in seconds.

Robust Threat Intel

  • Thousands of rulesets covering 40+ threat categories.
  • Industry, government and proprietary threat intel sources.
  • Real-time cloud-based threat intel updates.

Rapid Forensic Investigation and Response

  • Embedded micro-incident response flags suspicious behavior and triggers a full security analyst forensic investigation and resolution.

Virtual CISO - Cybersecurity Regulatory Compliance

  • Regulatory examination readiness and gap assessment helps your organization address areas of exposure, ensuring compliance.
  • Event logging, archiving and reporting support regulatory compliance requirements.

Cybersecurity Training, Testing and Attack Readiness

  • Vulnerability assessment includes both internal and external penetration testing to discover and evaluate weaknesses and provide recommendations to improve your security posture.
  • Employee cybersecurity training and phishing readiness helps to ensure your employees don't become an attacker's gateway into your data.

The Best Choice for Mid-Sized Enterprise

Why do over 500 small and mid-sized financial services, legal, extractive and healthcare organizations trust the Managed Detection and Response service by eSentire?

Protecting You from the Unknown

From common attacks to never-before-seen threats, Managed Detection and Response keeps you safe from the sophisticated cyber attacks that traditional security technologies miss.

We Don't Sleep so You Can

Our 24x7 Security Operations Center is filled with the world’s brightest security intelligence analysts and equipped with advanced forensic tools to monitor, investigate and respond to threats in real-time.

Enhance Your Security

You’ve got two-factor authentication, firewalls and other security systems - but they can still miss critical threats. Managed Detection and Response works with your existing security infrastructure to detect the things that they miss.

Focus On Your Business

Our team works around-the-clock protecting you from unknown threats, so that you're not sifting through thousands of alerts, false positives or figuring out what to do when one slips through.

Keep Your Regulators Happy

Managed Detection and Response helps keep you compliant with the latest cybersecurity regulations like SEC and NIST so you can check all the boxes.

Beat the Competition

Cybersecurity is on the top of every agenda. So whether you’re an HVAC supplier to a multi-national or a hedge fund, the decision to do business with you versus your competitor could come down to how well you’re protecting your sensitive client data.

We protect more than $3.2 trillion in Assets Under Management (AUM) across finance, legal, healthcare and beyond.

Learn how we can protect your business from increasing cyber threats.

What People are Saying About Managed Detection and Response

"eSentire's approach to security is truly unique as they not only identify but actively mitigate threats. I have never seen that done before."

Richard Stiennon - Security Analyst 


"Having used traditional MSSPs I know they typically provide 10,000 alerts a day - and none of them are actionable! By comparison, eSentire alerts are meaningful, concise - and most importantly - actionable. As compared to traditional MSSPs, the Managed Detection and Response service boils the ocean!"

CTO of top mining corporation

"We recently conducted a cybersecurity penetration test, and we were pleased to see eSentire’s Managed Detection and Response service perform as expected, catching all the unusual activity and alerting us in timely fashion!"

CTO of $4.2B RIA

Getting Started is Easy

Delivered as a service, you’ll love the budget-friendly billing and our team of solution engineers that will get you up and running quickly and painlessly.