Assess your people, process, policies, and technology for systemic risk that threat actors thrive on. From on-premises to the cloud, your organization identifies potential security gaps and the resulting risk to your organization.

ransomware one of the greatest cybersecurity threats


Evaluate your current security program maturity, policies, architecture and response capabilities. Risk is weighted against your current strategic and tactical capabilities and a comprehensive and measurable plan is built accounting for current and future business plans.

ransomware one of the greatest cybersecurity threats


Operationalize against your strategy and areas of greatest risk. Preventative measures are implemented to block the known. For the most elusive of threat actors, eSentire Managed Detection and Response compliments Risk Advisory and Managed Prevention to hunt threats that bypass preventative measures with integrated response capabilities to stop attackers before they can achieve their objectives.

ransomware one of the greatest cybersecurity threats


Test your defenses for new blind spots, gauge your progress, and refine your strategy. Continuous adaptation accounts for new business objectives, digital transformation and your evolving threat landscape.

ransomware one of the greatest cybersecurity threats

Security is a Never-ending Cycle

Risk Advisory and Managed Prevention continuously identifies blind spots, builds a strategy around risk and operationalizes capabilities to predict and prevent known threats. Complimentary to our Risk Advisory and Managed Prevention suite of services, eSentire Managed Detection and Response hunts and responds to the unknown.

As a result, your security function is able to measure success over time and becomes adaptable to business performance drivers and the evolving threat landscape without increased risk or gaps in compliance mandates.

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Dive deeper into the benefits of Risk Advisory and Managed Prevention suite of services.

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Risk Advisory and Managed Prevention Adaptable Service Offerings

Our risk advisory services provide security expertise only time in the trenches can forge, delivering valuable insights and strategic direction to all levels of your business, from the IT department to the boardroom.

Vulnerability Management

Tests prevention, detection or response capabilities across your applications, networks, employees or security team. Identify areas of greatest risk and determine how to strengthen your security posture.

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Risk Assessment

Leveraging intelligence from our Managed Detection and Response platform, we identify your organization’s risk measured via assessments against industry standard frameworks, technical testing, phishing and malicious network activity monitoring.

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Virtual CISO

Dedicated security experts assess risks, develop cybersecurity roadmaps to address known gaps and build a comprehensive program that meets your business and industry requirements.

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Managed Prevention

Conventional defenses remain an integral part of an organization’s security strategy. Managed prevention inhibits the majority of standard attacks curbing the risk from people, process, and technology to ensure systems are hardened against exploitable vulnerabilities and robust defenses are in place for key assets and personnel.


Scans servers, databases, endpoints and web applications for known vulnerabilities. Security experts deliver actionable reporting and advice to remediate critical vulnerabilities and keep your organization safe.

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Managed Endpoint Defense

Managed Endpoint Defense, powered by CB Defense and dedicated eSentire security experts, delivers next-generation threat prevention with continuous adaptation and hardening against your evolving threat landscape.

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Why Risk Advisory and Managed Prevention?

The Network Effect

Risk Advisory and Managed Prevention integrates and applies practical intelligence to ensure your organization is measured and protected against the latest threats and compliance mandates.

the network effect

  • eSentire’s Global Security Operations Centers that hunt and find threats that evade preventative measures via our Managed Detection and Response services
  • Lessons learned from eSentire’s Penetration Testers and Red Team that find new and elusive ways to break into client networks
  • eSentire’s Threat Intelligence Team that combs the industry for the latest techniques, tactics and procedures used by today’s threat actors
  • Lessons collected from eSentire’s Strategic Consulting Team that helps organizations harden their business and systems against the evolving threat landscape

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