Virtual CISO

Meet your new partner in cybersecurity

Work with dedicated security experts to assess risks, develop cybersecurity roadmaps to address known gaps and build a comprehensive program that meets the requirements of your industry and business.

Security Program Maturity Assessment

An in-depth cybersecurity maturity assessment and gap analysis based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Security Policy Guidance

Ongoing guidance on IT and cybersecurity policies and procedures to ensure all regulatory requirements and best practices are met.

Security Incident Response Plan

A pragmatic plan outlining the key steps to take during an event, with annual planning exercises and mock drill testing to assess readiness.

Security Architecture Review

An assessment of technical and audit controls that should be implemented to protect your business-critical systems.

Health Check

A quarterly review with your team to review current status and updates to any plans and/or roadmaps.

Executive Briefing

Annual reports and presentations with detailed updates on progress towards defined cybersecurity goals and regulatory requirements.

Vulnerability Management

Discover the strength of your defenses

Analyze the activities inside your network with a range of tactical assessments – from penetration testing, vulnerability scans and phishing campaigns to more strategic and in-depth Risk Assessments.

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessments

Tailored assessments based on your business and regulatory requirements, with guidance on how to reduce the potential exploit window and avoid regulatory fines.

Risk Assessment

An assessment to identify unknown, active exploits within the network and determine your susceptibility to targeted phishing campaigns.

Phishing Campaigns

Simulated phishing attacks based on custom themes to help you identify the measurable cyber risk presented by your employees.

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