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Securing Law Firms Against The Top Web and Email-Borne Cyber Threats


Safeguarding your legal firm from cyberattacks and threats caused by user execution takes an understanding of the threats, a robust cybersecurity program, and the contribution of all team members. To help your team in these pursuits, eSentire’s Threat Response Unit (TRU) has correlated key findings and threat trends based on global threat hunts across our global legal customer base.

In this masterclass for ILTA, Spence Hutchinson, Principal Threat Researcher, shares original research from TRU and recommendations on how you can protect your legal firm from specific industry cyber threats.

You’ll learn more about:

  • Web-borne cyber threats that leverage attack techniques like search engine optimization (SEO) poisoning, compromised websites, and malicious downloads to gain initial access into your environment (e.g., GootLoader, SocGholish, and SolarMarker)
  • Top email-borne threats used to dominate the legal industry’s threat landscape (e.g., Emotet, Qakbot, and IcecID)
  • Tactical and strategic recommendations on how your organization can minimize risk and build a strong cybersecurity foundation with a multi-signal Managed Detection and Response (MDR) strategy

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