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Ransomware Does Not Care

About the Episode

Damage from ransomware attacks globally was estimated to cost approximately $20Billion in 2021 according to research from Cybersecurity Ventures. Ransomware attacks are continually evolving making it a challenge to keep track of all the different variants that exist today. However, all ransomware variants rely on similar social engineering tactics to deceive users and hold their data hostage.

The biggest challenge organizations face today is getting their business back to a stable state. Becoming fully operational after a ransomware attack can take organizations weeks or even months, leading to even more lost revenue. So how do you recover from a ransomware attack?

Listen to the Ransomware Does Not Care episode of the Managing the Ecosystem with e3 podcast to understand:

  • How to know you are under attack from ransomware
  • How quickly you can recover from a ransomware attack
  • If you should pay the ransom
  • How eSentire MDR can protect you against ransomware attacks


John Moretti, Principal Solutions Architect,



Hillarie McClure, VP of Multimedia Productions,

Cybersecurity Ventures

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