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MDR for GenAI

Generative AI (GenAI) technologies have accelerated the efficacy of cyber threats and lowered the barrier for entry for many low-skilled cybercriminals looking to target organizations with cyberattacks. Many organizations, big and small, are increasingly relying on GenAI tools without assessing the risks associated with the usage, leaving them unprepared to defend against GenAI-based threats.

eSentire helps you maximize your GenAI usage by providing comprehensive visibility into how your employees currently use Generative AI applications, understand and identify potentially risky user behavior, and develop responsible AI governance, risk and compliance policies. Our dashboard is updated every 24hrs with your corporate GenAI usage to offer early warnings of employees sharing sensitive information or non-compliance to corporate policies related to GenAI usage.

Read this data sheet to learn how eSentire MDR for GenAI Visibility lets you harness the power of GenAI securely.

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