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eSentire MDR for Identity

More attackers use stolen valid credentials to gain initial access and evade traditional detections. It’s critical to continuously monitor and protect all types of identities – human or machine, on-premises or hybrid, regular or privileged – to detect and prevent identity-driven breaches and insider threats.

The core challenges with identity-based threats include:

  • They are hard to monitor and detect misuse and theft of targeted valid account credentials
  • Organizations have minimal visibility into potential attack paths and surfaces within their Active Directory environment
  • Limited resources for real-time monitoring and visibility
  • The ability to continuously monitor and reduce exposures related to Active Directory
  • The rise of insider threats which can be particularly hard to detect because they bypass traditional security measures

eSentire MDR for Identity investigates and responds to compromised identities and insider threats across your hybrid cloud environments. We go beyond just controlling and provisioning identity access. With eSentire, you can unify and strengthen your security posture at the identity attack vector by detecting credential misuse, privilege escalation and lateral movement.

Read the data sheet to learn how eSentire MDR for Identity enables deep visibility with real-time threat detection and response at the identity level to stop insider-related threats from disrupting your business, 24/7.

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