Rapid Assist

Every second matters.

When an incident occurs, every moment counts. Reduce threat actor dwell time and accelerate incident response with Rapid Assist.

Determine the Extent

Accelerate on-site and remote responder’s forensic investigation with network and endpoint data

Disrupt the Threat

Disrupt the threat by minimizing threat actor dwell time with embedded containment capabilities

Eliminate all Traces

Execute complete response to eliminate the threat with full packet capture and endpoint telemetry

Monitor for Re-Entry

Watch for threat re-entry and harden network against new points of attack

When every second counts, count on Rapid Assist

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Rapid Deployment

Up and running within hours collecting critical data that accelerates incident response


Prevent threat actor spread with embedded network and endpoint tactical threat control

Vital Visibility Supports Investigation

Capture endpoint telemetry, full packet capture, URL, port scan, executables, SSL and more

Continuous Monitoring for Re-entry

Always-on monitoring for attacker re-entry and proof of network hardening

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