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Threats evolve. Your defenses should evolve with them.

Leave the costly complexity of legacy SIEMs behind. Gain full threat visibility, threat hunting and facilitated response for modern IT landscapes with esLOG, powered by Sumo Logic.

On-premises, Cloud or Hybrid

Gain critical visibility that evolves regardless of where your environment resides

Mitigate IaaS and SaaS Threats

Proprietary threat detectors and runbooks identify risks specific to IaaS (AWS, Azure, GCP) and SaaS (Microsoft 365, G Suite)

Reduced Risk, Facilitated Response

Minimize threat actor dwell time with rapid validation and remediation to prevent business disruption

Reporting and Compliance, Simplified

Realize the traditional reporting and compliance benefits of a SIEM with less complexity and cost

Full visibility of evolving threats

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Cross-platform Monitoring and Visibility

Collect, aggregate and monitor data in any environment

Log Retention

Raw log data retention so analysts can correlate data from esENDPOINT and esNETWORK

Microsoft Azure Cloud Security

Coverage across Microsoft Azure environments for real-time visibility, analysis and data visualizations

Big Data Analytics

Advanced analytics into end-user behavior to identify anomalous activity

False Positive Elimination

Better threat detection accuracy with analyst alerts on verified threats only

Google Cloud Platform Security

Direct integration and insights into Google VPC, IAM, Cloud Audit and Google App Engine

Real-time Search Visualizations

Preconfigured and customizable searches and dashboards to watch for abnormal behavior

Time to Value

Modern solution up-and-running in minutes vs. time-consuming, expensive deployments

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security

Comprehensive visibility across AWS including CloudTrail, Config, VPC Flow, Inspector, etc.

Embedded Hunting and Investigation

Embedded threat hunting and human analysis of aggregated log data to aid rapid response

In This Together

Run searches, generate alerts, manage profiles, run reports and investigate events alongside our analysts

Microsoft 365 Security

Identify and respond to suspicious activity, phishing attacks, policy modifications and more across core M365 services

Machine Learning Integration

Machine learning and predictive analytics to interpret expected and unexpected behavior

Simplified Compliance Management Reporting

Centralized logging, continuous monitoring and automated retention policies to meet compliance mandates

G Suite Security

Detect and mitigate threats such as compromised accounts, phishing attacks, data exfiltration and more within G Suite


of organizations report an overall improvement in their security posture since moving to eSentire esLOG service.


Future-proof threat detection is key to uncovering blind spots created by infrastructure and data sprawl. Miss one thing and you could lose everything. Watch how esLOG helps you evolve.

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