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The bad guys aren’t constrained by boundaries. Your network defenses shouldn’t be either. From on-premises to the cloud, hunt and contain elusive cyberattacks no matter where your digital environment lives.

Zero trust, zero delay

Your greatest defense against threat actors is rapid response. Our zero-trust approach ensures you can respond and contain network attacks in minutes.


On-premises security

esNETWORK provides a zero-latency intrusion detection system leveraging full packet capture to eliminate blind-spots traditional technologies miss. Our team of elite threat hunters work on your behalf to investigate, confirm and disrupt malicious traffic before your operations are disrupted.


Securing cloud environments

esLOG, powered by Sumo Logic, provides critical visibility across all types of cloud environments, backed by analysts who investigate potential malicious activity by correlating network signals across your cloud services.


Threats from insiders

Malicious insiders can cause as much disruption as outsiders. esINSIDER employs patented machine learning processes that identify threatening behaviors across your network while our experts implement forensic investigations and rapid containment.


Network vulnerabilities

Managed Vulnerability Service, in partnership with Tenable, delivers continuous vulnerability identification across your dynamic IT assets. eSentire experts provide analysis and guidance to track, prioritize and remediate risk.

How it works

See how eSentire identified and contained a malicious insider attack that evaded existing security controls.

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