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Prevent the predictable. Hunt the elusive.

Today’s endpoints are located across vast physical and digital landscapes, making conventional security solutions obsolete. Get advanced endpoint prevention, detection and response with esENDPOINT.

Thwart Known Threats

Next-gen endpoint prevention identifies suspicious behavior with automated blocking of known, new and fileless attacks

Detect New Attacks

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) with integrated proprietary machine learning identifies threats built to bypass prevention

Hunt and Isolate Before Disruption

Elite threat hunters minimize threat actor dwell time for you by locking down and isolating compromised endpoints

Harden Against the Future

Unlimited incident response support ensures threat presence is eradicated and endpoints are resilient to new and repeat attacks

Ensure your endpoints don’t become attack points

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Hands-on Expert Threat Hunters

Monitors endpoints on and off the network around the clock with eSentire’s global Security Operations Centers (SOCs)

Advanced Detection of Unknown and Zero days

Catches what prevention misses with proprietary machine learning layered with attack pattern and behavioral analysis

Industry-leading Endpoint Technology

Eliminates blind spots under a single agent with the flexibility to choose between endpoint security platforms from CrowdStrike, VMware Carbon Black and Microsoft Defender

Elite Threat Hunting

Elite threat hunters pursue elusive threat actors 24x7 performing rapid forensic investigation, enabling containment and root cause determination

Automated Blocking

Prevents expected, unexpected and fileless attacks using predictive threat modeling and behavioral analysis

Remote Managed Containment

Locks down and isolates threat actors on your behalf preventing lateral movement


Making the Financial Case for Outsourcing Endpoint Protection

Given enough time, conventional security solutions will fail. Don’t let a breach justify the need for advanced endpoint protection. Learn how you can quantify endpoint risk contextual to your unique environment.

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"In one solution you are achieving three big main objectives of your cybersecurity program. You’re getting the visibility, you’re getting the detection and identification of potentially bad traffic and you’re getting response if anything is detected as malicious."

Alex Bazay


Align Communications

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"We have been leveraging the Atlas platform for some time now and were pleased to see how easy it was to add endpoint protection to the suite of services we receive through the platform. It required very little work from our IT team and provides an additional layer of peace of mind in today’s uncertain environment."

Neil Waugh

Chief Information Officer

M&C Saatchi

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"The alerts and recommendations provided by the eSentire SOC team put us in a much better position to defend ourselves against attacks."

Felix Adesola

Chief Information Officer


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