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Proactive Defense for
Insider Threats and APTs

Advanced insider threats can't hide anymore.

Insider threats are costly


Average cost of an insider attack1


Of organizations had more than 30 insider attacks per year2

77 days

On average to contain a malicious insider3


Of attacks caused by employee negligence or malicious actors4

1,2,3,4 Ponemon: Global cost of insider threats 2020

How does esINSIDER solve insider threat challenges?

Comprehensive insider threat awareness

Automatically maps hosts across on-premises and cloud environments, capturing vital east-west traffic, critical for visibility into advanced persistent and insider threat activities

Adaptive behavioral baselining

Maintains a deep understanding of normal network activity with continuous modification, contextual to changing business operations and the evolving insider threat landscape

Machine learning driven detection

Cuts through network noise, identifying potential insider threats using proprietary machine learning processes that link host interactions and data movement to unavoidable attack chain behaviors

Threat hunting and Co-remediation

Alleviates resource constraints with a dedicated team of elite eSentire insider threat hunters that conduct investigations and support co-remediation that ultimately reduces risk to business operations

How does it work?


What does esINSIDER protect you against?

Threat behaviors vs. signatures

Live-off-the-land techniques

Malicious use of approved tooling

Alert fatigue

Threat actor dwell time

Hackers leveraging east-west TTPs

Traditional security control blind spots

What are your expected outcomes?

Better visibility into your business ensuring continuous threat and risk awareness

Embedded extension of your security team ensures resources to hunt, investigate and eradicate insider threats

We identify insider threats that elude signature-based detections

24x7x365 SOC protection with holistic visibility providing peace of mind that no insider threat goes unnoticed

Our experts understand your environment with unique context ensuring correlation across your complex environment

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Why esINSIDER vs. other Insider threat protection

Others esINSIDER
Uses attack chain stages across techniques, tactics and procedures (Recon, data collection and exfiltration)
Unifies visibility across all east-west traffic
Integrates data from virtually any sources
Provides simple straightforward ThreatCases® for easy to interpret information at your fingertips
Normalizes disparate datasets for analysis


Applies user behavior analytics whether malicious or not


Identifies suspicious behavior whether malicious or not


Cloud operated and deployed


Reactive and proactive threat hunting included



"We have been leveraging the Atlas platform for some time now and were pleased to see how easy it was to add endpoint protection to the suite of services we receive through the platform. It required very little work from our IT team and provides an additional layer of peace of mind in today’s uncertain environment."

Neil Waugh

Chief Information Officer

M&C Saatchi

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"The alerts and recommendations provided by the eSentire SOC team put us in a much better position to defend ourselves against attacks."

Felix Adesola

Chief Information Officer


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"In one solution you are achieving three big main objectives of your cybersecurity program. You’re getting the visibility, you’re getting the detection and identification of potentially bad traffic and you’re getting response if anything is detected as malicious."

Alex Bazay


Align Communications

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