Let’s start with a brief history lesson. In September 2016, eSentire and Carbon Black™ announced a strategic partnership in conjunction with launching esENDPOINT built on CB Response to augment our market-leading Managed Detection and Response (MDR) capabilities. If you ask our SOC analysts, from that point forward there was something special about the unparalleled visibility created by this marriage at the network and endpoint layers that allowed decisions about threats to be made in near real-time.

Then, in response to evolving threats, Carbon Black launched its Predictive Security Cloud (PSC), an endpoint protection platform that consolidates endpoint security solutions into a single cloud instance to unify the endpoint security stack. Leading the revolution to the PSC was CB Defense; a next-generation antivirus (NGAV) platform that can prevent threats automatically, including malware and advanced file-less attacks. 

eSentire recognizes that organizations continue to struggle with NGAV deployment, hardening, and overall management. With the launch of our new Risk Advisory and Managed Prevention services in December 2018, we announced we would be partnering with Carbon Black to bring CB Defense and the PSC, combined with MDR, to our customers around the world.

Today, I’m very excited to announce we have officially launched Managed Endpoint Defense, powered by Carbon Black.  This new service will help customers quickly achieve value from their Carbon Black investment through rapid deployment and continuous adaptation (hardening) of CB Defense to better manage today’s advanced threats. Leveraging our team of security experts and global threat intelligence, we guide our customers through their initial rapid deployment and then continuously adapt to harden, monitor, remediate and protect their business.

deploy graphic

Leading up to this launch, the eSentire team worked hard to ensure our Managed Endpoint Defense service delivers on the promise of value and modern protection.  When combined with our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offering, Managed Endpoint Defense provides a critical layer of prevention and yet another powerful toolset that our experts use to help protect  organizations no matter where their employees are based. Want to learn more? Take a deeper dive into the benefits of Managed Endpoint Defense, powered by CB Defense in our infographic

sean blenkhorn
Sean Blenkhorn
Chief Product Officer

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