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Guard against third-party risk to the nth degree

Protect your data from the unknowns and complexities of vendor ecosystems.

Do you trust your vendors' vendors?

For many, cost-effective scalability usually means outsourcing some or all of your business functions to a complex web of third-party vendors. Do you have formal procedures to manage the potential web of cyber risk that comes with outsourcing? Have you thought about the nth number of parties in your vendors’ ecosystems who also may have access to your data?

Some organizations deprioritize third-party risk due to lack of resources. Others may be trusting their vendors’ blindly and do not consider third-party risk as something they should be accountable for (it’s on the vendor). eSentire can assist with creating a third-party risk management program for your business.


Third-Party Risk to the Nth Degree

Review the report on managed the cyber risk of third-party vendors and their nth-party ecosystem

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