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Selling to the Whole Client

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Previously, pitching cybersecurity has been about focusing solely on the buyers – the IT security leaders – and solving their pain points; feeds, speeds, and features. However, shifting the conversation from selling cybersecurity as a product, to selling cybersecurity as a cure-all for cyber risk, can open the conversation to those outside of the IT department.

Understanding the business as a whole – priorities, points of friction, expectations – can help to raise the conversation from numbers and stats to the ‘how’ of what cybersecurity providers can offer. When discussing at the executive level, focusing on what we can deliver to address cyber risk as an outcome, instead of as a product, just makes sense.

Listen to the Selling to the Whole Client episode of the Managing the Ecosystem with e3 podcast to understand:

  • How to shift the conversation from technology to cyber risk
  • How and when to make your sales cycle more sophisticated
  • When to focus on selling vertically vs horizontally
  • The benefits of simplifying your conversation


Bob Layton, Chief Channel Officer,



Hillarie McClure, VP of Multimedia Productions,

Cybersecurity Ventures

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