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Security Awareness Training and Phishing Testing

About the Episode

The majority of devastating cyberattacks begin with a phishing email that tricks a user into aiding the threat actor. To increase resilience against this tactic, organizations turn to security awareness training and phishing testing.

Often, these are combined into Phishing and Security Awareness Training (PSAT), typically structured as a set of lessons, tests, and simulations designed to teach employees how to avoid falling prey to phishing attempts and other cybersecurity threats.

PSAT programs recognize that behind all the technology that is often at the center of cybersecurity discussions, there are people—and those people can be manipulated and tricked by clever cybercriminals.

But PSAT programs are not created equal, nor are they as simple as many people think, which means many organizations are not getting the results they want (or need).

In this episode of Managing Cyber Risk, Mark Sangster, Cybersecurity Expert and Author, joins host Hillarie McClure to discuss security awareness training and phishing testing, how these help improve business resiliency by reducing the risks associated with human-targeted cyberattacks, commonly held misconceptions about these important programs—and much more!


Mark Sangster, Cybersecurity Author and Expert


Hillarie McClure, VP of Multimedia Productions,

Cybersecurity Ventures

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